The Gabled Modern is an architectural design trend that was only labeled as such in recent years. Because of this, its origins and rise to prominence are largely unknown and misunderstood. Readers will explore the origins of Gabled Moderns in historical architectural vernacular and learn which style and design characteristics are shared, and how the modern trends deviate from traditional uses.

Next, a discussion of the primary trends influencing Gabled Moderns will help explain what is causing this design trend to propel into mainstream architecture, and the various ways the Gabled Modern style can be applied.

Finally, a brief discussion of how different roofing trends can be used with Gabled Modern homes will help readers to pinpoint innovations in architectural design.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the core differences between gabled modern styles by geographic setting and market type.
  • Demonstrate the relationship between various cultural, economic, and consumer trends and the rise of this architectural style.
  • Identify the key features, characteristics, and trending variations of this contemporary look.
  • Explain why the gabled modern style is influencing trends and treatment of roofs.
  • List the various design elements impacting the look of roofs moving forward.

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of historical architectural design