Roof decks and terraces are now a must-have amenity in multifamily buildings and are easily added without increasing the building footprint by building out underutilized roof spaces.

Roof decks provide outdoor spaces that are easily accessible to residents and can be designed to accommodate social and recreational needs. Roof deck hardscape systems act to protect the roof from the elements while providing additional usable space for gathering and entertaining in a unique outdoor setting. There are a variety of products and materials that are utilized in the design and construction of roof gardens and decks.

This course will review multifamily market demands, basic types of roof systems, and the range of hardscaping products available to designers.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine multifamily housing trends and how luxury properties can meet tenant demands.
  • Identify how roof deck systems meet tenant demands for a connection to nature and their community via outdoor amenities.
  • Explain the evolution of ballast systems to outdoor roof spaces and the key sustainability criteria for roof deck systems.
  • Identify considerations for specifying the most appropriate materials for a roof deck project in terms of their structural performance and durability over time and examine the available customization options for concrete tiles on roof.

Prerequisites: None