New architects often aspire towards the day when they can open their own firms. For that to come to fruition, however, years of experience are not enough. Sound business development strategies are also needed to achieve the goal of opening a firm.

This course will teach budding architects strategic opportunities for business development, including marketing strategies to develop new opportunities, learning how to build alliances with outside sources, and understanding the importance of superior customer service. The course will impart how to develop and maintain a competitive edge.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the differences between business development, marketing, and sales and the ways in which each are an important component of bringing in new clients.
  • Evaluate business development tactics that will generate new business, including networking, referrals, thought leadership, and digital strategies.
  • Understand how to create a business development plan to maintain a competitive edge while providing excellent client services.
  • Explain how to build strategic alliances with outside sources to further a firm’s mission and generate new business.

Pre-requisite: None