Museum collections are supremely important to our culture, whether they represent rich art, history, or science, so the building materials used in museum projects must be of the highest quality, both structurally and environmentally. Indoor air quality, wayfinding, comfort, and maintenance are important considerations for these high-traffic environments.

This course will demonstrate why recycled rubber flooring is an excellent option for museum flooring, and will cover performance attributes, design options, interior applications, and installation considerations. In addition, the course will explore three case studies where recycled rubber flooring was used in institutional and museum projects in the United States and Canada.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine the specialized needs of museum projects and their flooring considerations.
  • Analyze recycled rubber flooring’s sustainable manufacturing process.
  • Examine performance attributes and design options for recycled rubber flooring.
  • Describe interior applications and installation considerations for recycled rubber flooring through case studies where recycled rubber flooring was used in museums throughout North America.

Prerequisite Knowledge: Basic knowledge of flooring options for specification.