Finding ways to bring the outdoors inside is a modern building design trend that continues to influence the specification process. Consumers’ desire to blend nature with the built environment incorporates a desire to increase the amount of natural lighting and nature inside the home or commercial space.

Research continues to evolve demonstrating the need for nature to be incorporated in the built environment, not simply as a luxury, but as an investment in health and productivity. Mounting pressure for building and design professionals to not only meet LEED standards and current codes, but exceed them, continues to leverage the need for sustainability, green building manufacturing, and products that address the needs and wants of the consumer.

Up until recently, it can be said that only luxury markets could afford the type of oversized windows and doors that permit the most amount of sunlight due to intricate design, complicated installation, and maintenance of oversized windows and doors. However, new products on the market are making this design and lifestyle trend more accessible and with more choices than ever.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine modern building design practices that encourage the integration of the outdoor elements that improve the well-being of occupants when specifying oversized windows and doors.
  • Explore oversized window and door products that enhance the integration of building design with the benefits of outdoor living.
  • Identify design considerations that building design professionals will use to incorporate building design with occupancy comfort and well-being.
  • Explore installation considerations and testing requirements necessary to protect occupants when specifying oversized windows and doors.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of building design practices for windows and doors.