Choosing a liquid roofing product involves an understanding of the project and surface application needs. Application of a one or two coat liquid-applied roof membrane and a roof membrane with a weatherable topcoat can be considered in a roofing application.

As a building professional, it is worthwhile to consider the physical properties of liquid-applied roof coatings with and without reinforcement, as the physical properties can help determine what products are best suited to a specific application.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the various types of fluid-applied roof coatings as applicable to project and surface application needs.
  • Compare and contrast the advantages and applications of fluid-applied roof coatings.
  • Identify appropriate substrates and surface preparation techniques specific to fluid-applied roofing coatings.
  • Investigate how reflective roofing applications can be achieved with specifying fluid-applied roof coatings.

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of roofing applications.