Gas appliances like ranges, fireplaces, and furnaces are important amenities that many home buyers want in a new home. However in some residential developments, natural gas access may not be feasible and on-site propane storage may also have challenges. Community Propane Systems offer an innovative method for supplying propane to the all of the homes in a community through a centralized delivery system.

Community Propane Systems give developers an option for offering gas access to building lots; they allow builders to offer gas appliance amenities to buyers; and they give home buyers the opportunity to get the technologies they want in a new home. This course discusses how community propane systems work, the use cases for these systems, the value propositions, and the performance benefits of common propane applications that can be used.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the key components of a community propane system.
  • Identify key operational features of community propane systems that make them a viable alternative to the use of natural gas in a community.
  • Assess the use cases for community propane systems in residential developments.
  • Identify the value propositions of community propane systems for land developers, builders, and homeowners.

Pre-Requisite: None