This one hour course will provide an overview of stone cladding in exterior construction. Specifically, an in depth look at the characteristics, features and benefits of the Composite Stone Category.

Labor shortages in the market are causing many projects to take longer and run over budget. However, by specifying products like composite stone that do not require specialized labor to install, projects can remain on time and come in under budget. Composite Stone is a light-weight, and cost-effective solution for residential, multi-family and commercial applications alike.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze market dynamics and understand the stone and stone veneer categories.
  • Examine Composite Stone, including its composition, aesthetics, and manufacturing process and how it differs from stone and stone veneer.
  • Compare the installation procedures of AMSV (Adhered Manufactured Stone Veneer) products and Composite Stone.
  • Review the applications for Composite Stone, including several case studies of single family, multifamily and commercial projects.

Pre-requisites: None.