Some areas of the country, such as New England, New York, the Mid-Atlantic states, and California, are moving progressively towards adopting clean energy with the ultimate goal of reducing their carbon footprint. Strategic electrification, which includes building decarbonization and the adoption of heat pump technologies, is one of the ways in which states and organizations are striving towards a cleaner, sustainable, and economically beneficial future.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the concept of strategic electrification and why building decarbonization is one impactful strategy for achieving strategic electrification.
  • Demonstrate how heat pumps help to achieve decarbonization and strategic electrification.
  • Explore VRF advanced heating technology and why it is a promising opportunity for strategic electrification.
  • Analyze efforts by municipalities across the United States to implement strategic electrification.

Basic knowledge of decarbonization and heat pump technologies.