2cm porcelain pavers are an innovative product of the tile market, introduced in the past five years. The product was developed to compete with traditional exterior hardscape surfaces. The 2cm (3/4") thickness, as opposed to a typical 3/8" thickness, allows the product’s use in more application types and with superior performance measures.

This course will compare and contrast 2cm porcelain pavers with other hardscape substrates, and provide an average cost analysis of materials, proving that 2cm porcelain is the ideal option for exterior paving. After taking this course, landscape and hardscape designers will be able to make an informed value judgement based on performance, life cycle, and cost.

Learning Objectives

  • Compare and contrast 2cm exterior porcelain pavers with other substrates such as cement, natural stone, and brick.
  • Review a cost analysis comparing various hardscape materials.
  • Explore the performance attributes of porcelain pavers that make them the material of choice for commercial exterior hard surfaces and examine the rigorous standards and testing that porcelain pavers undergo, as well as the sustainability of the material.
  • Explore how to use 2cm porcelain pavers as a design element, including applications and installation options.

Pre-Requisite: None