Off Grid Homes, or homes that are completely independent of traditional utilities like the electric grid, are an increasingly popular design option. There are several motivations for an Off Grid Home design, such as a remote location or very expensive costs for a grid connection.

The energy systems for an Off Grid Home differ significantly from those used in most grid-connected homes, and typically incorporate renewables, battery storage, and a back-up power generator. The selection of appliances and other energy-consuming devices in an Off Grid Home is a detailed process that relies on energy efficiency, non-electric alternatives for thermal loads, and careful design of the home’s envelope. This course discusses all of these issues.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the concept of Off Grid Homes and the implications for energy supplies and building technologies.
  • Assess the options available for renewable energy generation, energy storage, and back-up power generators.
  • Evaluate the role of Off Grid generators and their key operating characteristics.
  • Explain how building design and appliance selections are a critical part of a successful Off Grid Home design.

Pre-Requisite: None