This On Demand CEU is a recorded presentation from a previously live webinar event. This course will provide an exploration of today’s modern buildings, from exteriors to interiors, and how they must provide their occupants within, operational owners, and our greater planet “health + well-being.” The course will identify roles that we, as developers, planners, architects, interior designers + manufacturers, play in collective responsibility. Architectural elements, from Design, to products, and materials playing an active role in this responsibility and this course will focus on how architectural glass windows with enclosed blinds and contribute to this overarching need.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the connection between our interior space design, its users and occupants, as well as smart building operation for better health and well-being.
  • Analyze how evidence-based design practices within human-centric spaces, inclusive of connections to nature, plays a direct role.
  • Identify the 7 key factors that space design, products and material should provide for today's modern interiors and buildings.
  • Explore how architectural glass windows with enclosed blinds can play a key role in bettering the health and well-being of building occupants and users.

Pre-Requisite: None.