This On Demand CEU is a recorded presentation from a previously live webinar event. As the value of building contents and cost of construction continues to rise, redundant, durable roof systems justify robust insulation and waterproofing strategies. This course will describe the types of cellular glass insulation and ways that it can be used in roof assemblies to achieve a high-performance roof that meets your commitment to sustainability. Real-world examples of details and applications will be used to help design your next cellular glass roof.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the composition of cellular glass insulation and identify its intrinsic value in building applications.
  • Design & specify roof assemblies to reduce risk of energy loss, moisture ingress, and other modes of roof failure.
  • Identify the value of cellular glass insulation in sustainable construction by examining lifecycle costs, service life, and recyclability.
  • Select roof assemblies that meet fire and structural integrity requirements for the building application.

Pre-requisite: None.