20/20: Evidence-Based Deep Retrofit Strategies for Smart Schools

This program is a review of multifaceted research that has been conducted in the past four years. It introduces a tool that architects, engineers and school principals can use to determine the best design strategies to retrofit schools and aid in early design decisions for new schools. Thousands of simulations were conducted and condensed to five controversial strategies that go against the grain of common tactics.

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Tired to Inspired - Achieving ZNE in Existing Buildings

Principals of three projects trying to achieve zero net energy discuss details of these existing buildings, their approaches to achieve ZNE, the integrated design process and performance results.

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Motivating Green Building Around the World

Trends and data will be shared about the scope of green building activity internationally and will be followed by a panel discussion about the future of green building around the world.

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Linking NYC Energy Database to Tenant Contribution to Economy

Presenters discuss key concepts of research that challenge people to think beyond energy use for measuring efficiency of a building. They argue that building type, size, use, occupancy and economic contribution should also be part of the efficiency discussion. They sought to define the economic contribution of a tenant type and correlate that economic contribution to a building’s energy use.

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Dematerializing the Built Environment: In Theory & Practice

This course challenges learners to think of products in a new way. To see that much of the mass of product we buy is waste, and the actual benefits of the products are reduced by the energy required to create the product, packaging, distribution, and so forth. When applied to the built environment, what are the simplest requirements of a home? The concept of resource performance is discussed in detail and challenges participants to answer the question: “Can we do more with less?”

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Energy Efficiency Law & Order: Leaping Today's Hurdles

Energy efficiency is a hot topic but discussions often focus on technological or financials barriers preventing or slowing advancement. The discussion addresses advancements that have been made and how early barriers have been overcome.

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The Imperative of Sustainable Healthcare Architecture

Authors Robin Guenther and Gail Vittori discuss their book The Imperative of Sustainable Healthcare Architecture. Heath care building design is grounded in a mission and set s trajectory for future healthcare design and design in other sectors to merge mission and purpose with the ways the built environment is conceived, designed and operated. The program explores how different world locations optimize existing building systems or incorporate new technologies.

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Developers Speak: Effective and Successful Green Multifamily

Three developers share their best practices and experiences of how successful green developers operate in today’s complicated and turbulent world. They address their first experiences with green multifamily projects, present best practices, lessons learned, and hurdles overcome.

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Beyond Well-Behaved Arrows: Engineered Natural Ventilation

Hearing the viewpoint from an architect, engineer and a building scientist, you’ll have a full appreciation for the simplicity – and complexity – of natural ventilation strategies and practices. Natural ventilation strategies need to take into account climate, building loads and building design to ensure maximum occupant comfort year round. This program identifies techniques to help you visualize air flow in a building and how building design can impact (for better or worse) effectiveness of natural ventilation.

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10 Reasons Governmental Agencies Lease Heavy Equipment

As a procurement professional in a government agency, you may find yourself wondering whether it makes sense to buy—or not to buy—your next piece of heavy equipment if budgets are tight and resources are scarce. Read why leasing is becoming more popular with governmental agencies and how it can be a great alternative to an outright purchase.

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