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The Good News about Strong-Margin Remodeling Projects

The U.S. Census Bureau reports the home remodeling industry grew 3.1 percent in 2013. Even better, the average DreamMaker® Bath & Kitchen Interior Remodeling franchise grew more than 23 percent in 2013. Read more to learn what sets DreamMaker® apart from the rest.

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Building a Better Remodeling Business

DreamMaker® is a full-service interior remodeling franchise that can help build a better business. This franchise information report discusses why now is the perfect time to own a DreamMaker® franchise, with the potential to achieve stronger profit margins all while becoming part of a large family of franchise owners who are strongly committed to helping each other succeed.

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The Future of the Remodeling Industry

As a result of significant changes in the housing market, home remodeling is in high demand. Listen to more encouraging statistics about growth and being a part of today’s remodeling industry.

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Closed-Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation: A Preferred Air Barrier System in Building Envelopes

Expectations for better building performance underscore the importance of air barriers for commercial-building envelopes and code compliance. Use of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (ccSPF) as a key material in air barrier assemblies can help architects, engineers, contractors and owners/developers meet air barrier requirements more easily. CcSPF provides excellent performance characteristics and construction advantages.

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SilentFX® Noise-Reducing Gypsum Board

Reduce noise transmission up to 90%!

SilentFX®, featuring Green Glue® and M2Tech® technology, is a noise-reducing mold resistant gypsum board specifically designed for systems requiring high STC ratings.

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SilentFX Noise-Reducing Gypsum Board

SilentFX®, featuring Green Glue® and M2Tech® technology, is a noise-reducing gypsum board specifically designed for systems requiring high STC ratings where acoustic management is needed.

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AirRenew Essential IAQ Gypsum Board

Offer a healthier living environment.

AirRenew Essential offers a cost-effective solution for healthier homes. It's the first gypsum board that actively cleans the air by removing formaldehyde found indoors.

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Learn how to install one-piece PVC column wrap

Install VERSATEX - VERSAWRAP PVC One-piece column wraps in seven easy steps.

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Architectural Alternatives for Post-Frame Building Systems

Post-frame buildings are highly engineered wood building systems that have expanded over the years from use in the agricultural sector to encompass many commercial, residential and institutional applications. Modern post-frame systems have a limitless range of interior and exterior appearances. In addition to functional and architectural flexibility, they also have excellent economic and performance benefits.

This course will examine post-frame building systems including their versatility, range of applications, structural features and key performance characteristics. The course will also present numerous case studies that demonstrate cost and time of construction for typical post-frame building projects.


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