10 Reasons Governmental Agencies Lease Heavy Equipment

As a procurement professional in a government agency, you may find yourself wondering whether it makes sense to buy—or not to buy—your next piece of heavy equipment if budgets are tight and resources are scarce. Read why leasing is becoming more popular with governmental agencies and how it can be a great alternative to an outright purchase.

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Net Zero Energy Buildings-from Design to Occupancy to Certification

This course is an overview of the Net Zero Energy Building Certification program administered by the International Living Future Institute. The course will look at case study projects that have demonstrated net zero and zero energy performance, strategies for reducing energy demands in different climate zones, and important considerations for net zero buildings during the design, construction and operational phases of a project.

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Wrangling the White Elephant - Reuse Spurring Revitalization.

This course discusses a case study in Cleveland, OH, Saint Luke’s Manor, including LEED Neighborhood Development certification of the site and LEED New Construction aspects of the building, as well as the financial challenges and operational issues overcome to convert this building into an affordable housing solution.

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Optimization Through Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Product Declarations.

This course looks at using Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Product Declarations as optimization tools for designers and contractors. The course will discuss how Life Cycle Analysis has been incorporated into LEED v4 and how it can be used to analyze an entire building, as well as inform design decisions.

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Material Health: Solving the Right Problems

This course looks at the critical problems of toxicity of the built environment. This course will help learners understand the economic benefits of greening their business, and also the importance to push manufacturers to make non-toxic ingredient decisions.

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Sustainable Architecture in Philadelphia - For the Birds?

This course looks closely at bird collisions and hazards to birds within the built environment. This course will identify best practices, such as materials and design strategies, to help prevent bird collisions. This course looks at the possibility to include bird-friendly architecture with other aspects of green design.

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Transforming the Materials Market via Radical Transparency.

This course looks at how manufacturers and consumers can promote transparency and the elimination of toxic chemicals through better communication. The course covers the challenges of eliminating Red List ingredients from a project, manufacturer barriers to transparency, and how Declare’s reporting protocol aligns with that of other programs.

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The Power of Zero: Optimizing Value for Next Gen Green

This course discusses the cost/benefit implications of building to Zero Net Energy and Living Building Challenge standards. It looks closely at the construction costs of next generation green buildings, and compares it to both LEED and non-LEED buildings. It also compares high-performance buildings to their energy goals and strategies.

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Triple Bottom Line - Creating Sustainable Organizations.

This course looks at third-party evaluation tools for the sustainability of organizations involved in green building. The course covers the benefits of third-party assessment of sustainabilit; identifies third-party tools; and discusses the importance of triple bottom line thinking in terms of social, economic, and environmental considerations.

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Marketing Green Building: A Competitive Advantage Without Greenwash.

This course looks at emerging trends in green building marketing that create a competitive advantage without greenwash. The course covers green marketing trends that enable a company’s brand building, business development, and marketing strategies to have a competitive advantage and how to communicate a green marketing strategy through a cohesive, integrated marketing program. The course also explains the world of green certifications and trust marks, the implications of environmental marketing claims under federal or state laws, and how to avoid running afoul of the FTC Green Guides.

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