Lighting Design: Zurich's North American HQ

System Integration between lighting control and solar adaptive shades creates a comfortable and flexible work environment that fosters communication and collaboration while saving time and energy.

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Video: Aqua Patch - Permanently Repair Asphalt and Concrete

Easy, Fast, Environmentally Friendly: Watch how you can eliminate the cost and time delays associated with local asphalt plants and large maintenance crews.

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Improved Productivity & Payroll with GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking helps you to understand your vehicle usage saving you time and money. See how it can also improve your dispatching and routing, automate your payroll and reduce unauthorized vehicle usage.

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The Designer Catalog for a Successfully Remodeled Bathroom

Take the bathroom remodel to the next level with custom enclosures, safety features, designer options and Jaccuzzi Luxury Bath tubs. See how BathWraps can provide you with the tools to create a profitable bath remodel business.

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Evolution of Glass and Performance Coatings

This course will address glass basics and the part it can play in building performance. It covers the ways glass can enhance building performance and focuses on energy savings. It looks at the human experiences within the spaces that you create. Finally, we will discuss a set of considerations you’ll want to have in mind as you embark on your next building project involving glass, while highlighting some upcoming trends.


The 7 Secrets of Great Resident Screening

Filling multi-family vacancies is a time consuming process. However, finding the right applicant can be an easy and precise process with the correct tools. Learn how easy it can be to screen for the correct applicant and increase and maintain occupancy.

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How To Win Good Architecture Projects Consistently

Attendees of this course will discover a little-known but highly effective 3 step process to attract and to win high quality clients and projects for their firm without spending a lot of time and money with ineffective networking, or using traditional advertising and marketing methods that may be unproductive.


Spray Polyurethane Foam – The Evolution of Building Insulation

Of all the different insulation options available today in commercial construction, spray foam can provide outstanding thermal performance while also contributing to air sealing, moisture control, and even structural integrity. This learning unit will provide an overview of spray foam insulation, how it differs from conventional insulation types, its most appropriate applications, and how the material is allowed to be used in fire-resistant construction.


Top Daylighting: A Circadian Health and Wellness Perspective

This course illustrates how top daylighting (daylight penetration through the roof) design strategies produce positive biological responses affecting employee health and well-being. Learners will examine how exposure to “skydome dynamic daylight” throughout the workday provides all biologically relevant criteria for positive circadian system impact. This course will help identify new ways of informing stakeholders of the payback analysis for top daylighting strategies when examined through the filter of employee health.


A Bathroom Remodel Success Story

Transforming bathrooms can be a dream job with high returns on a properly done, quickly executed job. This brief video explains how service professionals have been able to turn the bathroom remodel into a lucrative and sustainable business.

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