Simplifying Architectural Design, Redefining Comfort and Efficiency

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning technology is transforming the way commercial buildings are cooled and heated. This smart, energy-efficient, and fully customizable HVAC technology not only provides customized comfort to occupants, but also opens design possibilities for architects and maximizes profitability for building owners.

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What can Maintenance Management Software do for Your Facility?

Online maintenance and work order management tools help justify your staff and operations, avoid budget cuts, and improve your facilities. Simple, affordable tools to help manage your facilities. Watch today.

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A Little Change Can Add Up to A Lot of Cash

Little things can add up to make a big difference! Right now in your public buildings there could be a multitude of small problems adding up to cost you big. Leaky faucets, faulty ductwork, equipment running when not in use; the list is long. Energy saving improvements can lead to benefits such as increased occupant productivity, optimum equipment performance, and improved indoor environmental quality. There’s room for improvement - so what do you do? Start by understanding some of the top potential energy wasters in your buildings and the low cost, no cost measures you can take.

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Designing for Healing and Infection Control (Print Version)

This course will analyze two case studies where laminate and solid surface materials were applied in healthcare settings to the benefit of patients, staff, and visitors. One case study explores hospital design and how site selection, color, surfaces, and open space can significantly impact healing and recuperation of hospital patients. The other case study examines a new solid surface material that is being tested for efficacy in combating the spread of pathogens known to contribute to hospital acquired infections. A groundbreaking clinical trial began in March of this year to apply this material throughout a hospital setting to determine to what degree it can minimize HAIs.

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BillQuick - Integrated Time Billing & Project Management

BillQuick is a time billing and project management software that provides key metrics without adding additional data entry. Sophisticated algorithms allows more time for day to day business processes and to streamline the most common tasks.

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Reusable Manhole Safety Ramps: The Overlooked Detail That Saves Time & Money on Roadway Milling Projects

Reusable manhole safety ramps significantly reduce liability for vehicle damage, while paying for themselves in labor saved and reduced environmental impacts.

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ArchiOffice is a time tracking and project management software made by architects, for architects. It eases your unique demands of managing projects and people with an intuitive, streamlined design.

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Spot Cooling: Performance Attributes and Applications (Print Version)

This course provides an overview of spot cooling and its appropriate uses and benefits, including the cooling of people, equipment, and processes. The course describes various spot cooling options, compares air-cooled and water-cooled units, and discusses the advantages of portable and ceiling-mount spot cooling.

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Contractor Trader

Tools, Supplies and Safety for the Professional Contractor. All the information and resources you will need from the most knowledgeable pros in construction supplies.

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Safety Catalog

Our Pros Know…Safety! Thousands of the newest and most important safety products to keep you and your workers safe. From eye protection, respirators, vests, and fall protection to welding goggles, clothing and more. Download this important resource today!

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