2015 Fleet and Vehicle Management Survey Report

More than 1,100 business owners, fleet operators, and general managers participated in a recent survey regarding their biggest fleet management challenges – and how they use technology to solve them. Responses indicate the many benefits that GPS telematics provides.

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The Internet is Picking Your Residents: How to Manage Your Property's Online Reputation With the Phone

Online reviews are influencing your property’s prospect base. Research shows that consumers read fewer than 6 reviews before forming an opinion. That’s not a lot of information for prospects to make a decision. And even more so, prospects are basing purchasing decisions on the opinions of your residents and past renters. Use these 4 tricks to create an online reputation strategy that works for your team.

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Energy Modeling and M&V, A Love Story?

This course looks at the process load in buildings and using it as an opportunity, instead of a liability. It looks at the optimal energy use to get appropriate data and set realistic expectations on what the energy model will do for us in an application to the real world energy use. This course also helps us learn from what we have done before and apply it to the next model.

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Passivhaus Office: A Real World Case Study

This course offers an overview of Passivhaus and its application at NuOffice, while discussing the advanced technologies used. It covers the challenges experienced with adapting ASHRAE 90.1 at NuOffice, while also looking at a review of the post-occupancy consumption of NuOffice.

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Old School to New School - Material Data Process Innovation: Specs + BIM

This course will take a look at the design process, specific to the selection of environmentally preferable materials. It proposes a new team dynamic that will help project teams plan, research, track, and collate sustainable and healthy materials that will help achieve LEED v4 goals and other environmental goals. The course talks about using your team and tools to best advantage to innovate the design process, and also helps the learner understand how the material selection process can impact the design-bid-build process and data collection and metrics throughout. Finally, this course discusses how we can improve our specifications to save time and money and improve construction outcomes.

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Greening What's Already Here: LEED EB:O&M is the New Preservation Tool

This course looks at the question “Can a historic building improve its resource efficiency while protecting its historic features?” It provides an overview of projects, phases and steps, while providing a roadmap for greening the operation and procedures at the case study Lee H. Nelson Hall, which is the NCPTT Headquarters. The primary goal is all the work will be sympathetic to and respect the historic significance of this project by looking at and working with this model process of the sustainability management plan methodology.

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Getting the LCA credit in LEEDv4

This course takes a closer look at green materials and the life cycle assessment. It introduces LCA and helps to explain how the credit works, and provide examples of how to earn this LEED credit. This course stresses the importance of the LCA credit, and offers insight into the LCA credit for learners to be able to apply it to future projects.

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Demystifying LEED v4 Envelope Commissioning

The inclusion of Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) in the Enhanced Commissioning credit of LEED v4 has provoked serious discussion regarding delivery of high performance enclosures. With pressure for proven energy efficiency measure after occupancy rather than based on predictions, the design and construction of the enclosure faces increasingly stringent demands. Design teams are employing BECx activities from early design phase performance modeling to construction phase enclosure testing. BECx has been introduced in LEEDv4 to ensure that actual energy usage matches predicted usage, to optimize the performance of the enclosure, to ensure that the envelope is coordinated with other systems, and to increase the overall energy efficiency of the building. This presentation will clarify the intent of ASHRAE 0-2005 and NIBS Guideline 3, inform participants of the activities described in the guidelines and most importantly, illustrate how BECx helps to deliver a better building.

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Selling internally: How to foster a culture of sustainability

This course looks at how sustainability must connect with an organization’s success, and an individual’s success. It covers the importance of making the case for how business can support sustainability, but also how sustainability supports the business. When looking at connecting with the individual’s success, this course looks at the importance in engaging the team once leadership has been brought into place.

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LEED v4 - Optimization Through Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Product Declarations

This course takes a closer look at LEED v4, especially at the Materials and Resources category now and the vision for the market transformation. It covers Environmental Product Declarations, and the perspectives from the market. Finally, this course looks at Life Cycle Assessment and the tools for implementation in the building industry.

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