Fenestration Installation for High Performance Residential Building Envelopes

Improper design and/or non-conforming application of building envelope materials has been demonstrated to cause premature building envelope failure. Architects may specify premium materials, but shortcuts and errors in the final installation can impact budgets, time frames, building life span, and increase legal liabilities.

As one of the elements that bisect the interior/exterior plane, window and door integrations are a critical element of the building envelope as a whole. Poor installations can carry significant liability, due to building envelope failure.

This course will review the components of a building envelope, their role in managing air and moisture infiltration, how windows and doors factor into this equation, and general installation processes for high performance residential fenestration.


Advanced Environmental Finishes for Windows & Doors – Field Performance and the Application Process (Print Course)

This course will discuss the painting and anodizing process, as well as considerations for architectural specifications for each finish. The course will cover the strengths and weaknesses of the two coatings and will demonstrate how each is applied to ensure a quality end product.


Specifying Doors for Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces

This course will provide the architect with the basic knowledge of how to specify doors to create unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing indoor/outdoor living spaces. The incorporation of outdoor living spaces into the residential home was once common in warm and moderate climates, but often proved to be a challenge in colder areas with heavy precipitation and plunging temperatures. Today window and door manufacturers have crafted attractive and functional expansive door systems that are opening the outside world to the architect. Modern doors with innovative designs and high performance glazing can be incorporated in traditional and luxury home designs to increase the functional living space, provide healthful eating, entertaining, and work areas, and include a unique and aesthetically pleasing feature to a home.