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Driving the Future of Green: The Value of EVs Beyond LEED

This course will look at how electric vehicle charging stations have a world of value beyond LEED credits. It will explore economic, policy, and societal drivers and barriers for EV infrastructure. This course illustrates how EV technology can be dynamically applied in the built environment. Finally, it will explain how these sustainable solutions create models for future transit-offering initiatives.

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Get Active - Implementing Active Design in Our Neighborhoods

This session will explore the intersection of Active Design and sustainability. It will look at specific implementation concerns for creating more sustainable communities and neighborhoods using Active Design. This will be addressed while highlighting tools that help practitioners link design to observed neighborhood performance; a LEED Pilot Credit; and case studies detailing implementation strategies that support health in a range of planning, campus, building, and open space projects.

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LEEDlab Live: Green Partnerships in Regional O&M Application

This session will engage a diverse audience in a live LEED Lab charrette simulation experience. University faculty, facilities staff, and external consultants will demonstrate how fostering meaningful partnerships using an educational platform are transforming the environmental sustainability of the built environment.

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Making Our Spaces Great for People and Bad for Pests

GreenPro is a pest management service standard recognized by USGBC. In 2015, GreenPro changed to allow pest management firms to submit their green pest management programs for certification. Attendees of this session will evaluate various pest management services for compliance with GreenPro (and thus eligibility for LEED credits). Attendees will leave this session with a greater understanding of the tasks performed and tools used by pest management professionals so that we can work with pest management professionals to make schools, offices, and homes great for people, but bad for pests.

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The Maker Economy and the Rise of Distributed Manufacturing

This course looks at what we mean by makers and micro-manufacturers and why this group is so important. Social, economic, environmental all impact the makers of sustainable best practices for the makers. This course looks at what we can learn from the Etsy Brooklyn HQ for designers and makers on projects of scale and how you can get involved.

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Dollars and Sense: The Impact of Greening Affordable Housing

Affordable housing policies and funding mechanisms incentivize LEED for Homes and other green building certification programs to promote energy efficiency, comfort, durability and water efficiency. This course looks at what we are really paying to achieve these credits, and if it is worth the benefits.

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Under Our Own Power: Transforming Community Sustainability

Communities who need healthy, equitable, and high performing neighborhoods are often the least able to engage these ideas, as they lack governance structures, information, legal standing or financial resources. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how community empowerment and placemaking are mutually beneficial and how project teams can meaningfully contribute to resilient and deep green neighborhoods—in distressed communities or any.

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A Tribute to Performance Arrows - Improving Indoor Quality

This session invites you to think of an integrated approach that combines building performance with space aesthetics. By analyzing both qualitative and quantitative outcomes, we can optimize occupants’ multi-comfort in a new integrated design process. We will share results from a number of in-depth post-occupancy evaluations concluding with verified design strategies that improved IEQ in buildings.

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Product Rules

In the spirit of Michael Pollan’s book, “Food Rules”, Product Rules will provide 12 basic rules for selecting better, healthier, more environmentally responsible and LEED MR and EQ credit compliant products and materials.

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