Conserving Water with Reclaimed Water Flushometers

Commercial facilities using reclaimed water for flushing toilets and urinals should be mindful of the negative impact this harsher water can have on the plumbing systems, including flushometers. New flushometers are available that have been specifically engineered for reclaimed water applications.

This course will cover the importance of water conservation, how reclaimed water contributes to water conservation, the risks that reclaimed water poses for traditional flushometers, and how new reclaimed water flushometers address these risks, as well as reclaimed water flushometer options available on the market today.


Top Universal Design Features for Aging-In-Place

Research shows: 68% of Baby Boomers feel independent in their homes; 61% of homeowners over 55 plan to stay in their homes; but 80% of them think Universal Design renovations are necessary. See the top features for aging-in-place.

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High-End Gym Replaces Showers with High-End Maintenance-Free Solutions

See why Healthquest and their architect selected Bestbath™ showers to complement their high-end locker room remodel.

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Contemporary Style & Universal Design Come Together in Luxury Apartments

Cobalt Apartments provide beauty and accessibility with contemporary shower pans. Read why this architect firm chose Bestbath™ as their partner in this project.

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Universal Design in the Bathroom

Universal Design is all about making the physical world function better for everyone. Often including ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and ANSI (American Nation Standards Institute) compliant products, it certainly isn’t limited by government regulations. In this Ebook primer, we’ll share some of what we’ve learned about Universal Design over the years.

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Know the Codes: 14 Key Code Issues for the Accessible Bathroom

Be in the know about bathroom accessibility for people of all abilities with this summary key of ADA specifications that can impact accessibility.

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Smart Bathrooms - How Material Science and Technology Are Advancing Bathroom Design (Print Course)

Well-designed bathrooms with high-quality materials and smart technology provide numerous advantages for users, whether in luxury residences or commercial buildings. This course will discuss high-quality, innovative bathroom products and their advantages, including occupant well-being, safety, accessibility, sustainability and increased home values. The course will also cover the four activity areas in the bathroom in relation to material science, technological advancements and smart design.


Surfaces Get Stronger

This course will discuss High-Performance Surfaces for Bath and Kitchen, Basic Types of Polymer Surfaces, Compression-Molded Solid Surface Product Uses & Comparisons, Compression-Molded Solid Surface Applications, What to Look for When Specifying, and Maintenance Features. You will also learn about the processes used for manufacturing these products, how to describe these next-generation materials to clients, and designing kitchens and bathrooms for increased durability and sustainability.


Home Hot Spots That Influence the Purchase

This course covers a research study that identifies how dealers, architects, builders and remodelers can increase the salability of their projects, and elevate their reputations among homeowners and homebuyers. This research is combined with turn-key design ideas developed by Visbeen architects. Emerge with a fresh understanding of how today’s homeowners envision various rooms, how they can be made more appealing via design and amenities like fireplaces and outdoor living products.


Aging in Place: Implications for Remodeling

The dramatic aging of the U.S. population in coming decades is expected to have important implications for the home remodeling industry. Of the over 25 million households age 65 and over today, the Joint Center estimates that 44 percent have some need for home accessibility features due to disability or difficulty using components of the home, such as kitchen or bathroom facilities.

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