Steps to a Healthy Lightstyle: Circadian Lighting Discussion

Healthy lighting is a lifestyle for our expert panelists, but we do not all agree on the benefits being publicly expressed. With questions remaining in circadian lighting research and development, the design community is left wondering what we should do. Our panelists debate next steps.


Getting Smart About Sustainable Cities

What are “Smart Cities”? A look into the technologies being implemented and how they are a means to achieving sustainability and resiliency goals. How are city governments and their partners implementing such projects to meet community goals? First-hand examples of these efforts from the Cities of Boston and Orlando.


The Sustainable Trifecta - Net Zero Energy, Water & Waste

The sustainable trifecta of net zero energy, water & waste is the cutting edge in green buildings today. We have the technology now to make it happen. This session uses LEED and LBC as a guide, along with case studies to explore the opportunities to reach this elusive goal.


Why the Building Industry Needs a B Team

Companies globally are examining their business models with the same rigor they use to certify their products and projects. The AEC industry needs to catch up. Learn the value investment and business case for AEC firms using B Corp and JUST label certification processes as a framework for internal operations.


Zero Waste Planning for Universities and Business

Learn how universities and business have developed Zero Waste Plans and achieved Zero Waste. View Zero Waste planning approaches and how to design for reuse, recycling and composting collection. Understand how GBCI Zero Waste Certification system is used to evaluate operations and to certify facilities as Zero Waste.


The Wellness/energy Nexus – a Case for Effective Design

High performance building design practices are in a transformative state today with an additional focus on occupant wellbeing in addition to energy efficiency & system performance. Tackling each focus area requires concentrated design efforts and monitoring throughout construction and occupancy.


High Performing Sites and the Soils Beneath Them

This session frames the importance of soil in green infrastructure, urban landscapes, resilience and the SITES Rating System. If soil is designed and managed sustainably, this often-overlooked yet vital part of a landscape will not only create better living conditions for vegetation but also provide a multitude of ecosystem services.


The Landscape of Construction IT Decision Makers: 2018

The Landscape of Construction IT Decision Makers Study was conducted independently by CITE Research and commissioned by Dropbox among 200 construction IT decision makers. Take a deep dive into how construction IT decision makers evaluate and purchase new technology, protect data and stay compliant with regulations like the GDPR, equip an increasingly mobile workforce with BYOD and plan to spend on cloud storage, collaboration platforms, and AI tools.

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Tellepsen: Houston-based Construction Company Uses the Power of Dropbox Business to Transform Job Sites and Streamline IT

Closely working with clients, architects, subcontractors and other partners is key to Tellepsen’s success. IT Director Lee Nugent began the search for a new collaboration platform when the company’s previous solution presented barriers to simple external sharing. A strong factor in his decision to choose Dropbox Business was the discovery of an internal team that had already started solving some of the company’s challenges on its own using Dropbox.

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Build More Efficiently with Collaborative Tools

In this eBook, we’ll show you how you can overcome business challenges and improve collaboration by connecting Autodesk, PlanGrid, and other best-in-class productivity, project management, and security tools with Dropbox.

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