The 7 Secrets of Great Resident Screening

Filling multi-family vacancies is a time consuming process. However, finding the right applicant can be an easy and precise process with the correct tools. Learn how easy it can be to screen for the correct applicant and increase and maintain occupancy.

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How To Win Good Architecture Projects Consistently

Attendees of this course will discover a little-known but highly effective 3 step process to attract and to win high quality clients and projects for their firm without spending a lot of time and money with ineffective networking, or using traditional advertising and marketing methods that may be unproductive.


Investment Analytics

Use interactive heat maps and on-demand dashboards to transform the way you look at multifamily investing. This brief video shows you how to get access to over a decade of MPF Research's survey data, long-term forecasts and analytics.

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Largo Concrete: Building the Super Structure for 24-Story Mixed Use Towers

Watch why this structural concrete contractor chose laser scanning technology to document as-built conditions on their projects - scanning every single deck from the ground up.

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Taking a Contracting Business to the Next Level

Support your business growth with hands-on training. With the James Hardie Contractor Alliance program hone skills, elevate your marketing efforts, increase profits and stay one step ahead.

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Contractor's Eye 3D Home Estimator

Reduce the guesswork of your job estimates with just your smartphone and the James Hardie Contractor’s Eye™ 3D Home Estimator powered by HOVER. This app allows you to easily and accurately obtain exterior measurements and a 3D rendering of a home, helping you save time and money.

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Sustainability Roadmap: Leading Organizational Change

This session shares practical frameworks, roadmaps and proven methodologies to help you assess your current situation and identify strategic areas for improvement; develop change management strategies to ensure widespread adoption of new processes and project delivery methodologies and institutionalize systems and feedback loops for continuous improvement.


Is It Level? Is It Flat?: DPR Construction Knows the Answers Faster Than Ever on a $60 Million California Medical Center

There was a time when determining the flatness of a slab pour meant scheduling floor profilers to walk the slab, take readings, import data, and generate an F-number report. Now there is a simpler, faster, and more advanced way to determine floor flatness.

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Largo Concrete Trades the Leash for the Laser Scanner

Read about how this structural concrete contractor now uses laser scanning technology to document as-built conditions on their projects.

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Wet-Pour Quality Control: Compressing Workflow in Concrete Slab Pour Flatness and Levelness Measurement

Is it level? Is it flat? For concrete construction contractors, finishing foremen, superintendents, flooring inspectors, and structural engineers, they are the central questions to any large concrete pour. Read how new measurement technology transforms workflows, improves pour outcomes, and simplifies measurement.

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