Implementing Hybrid Roof Assemblies in Commercial Construction

Because no single roof insulation product meets all the criteria for an ideal roof, the solution for many commercial buildings may be a hybrid roof assembly that takes advantage of the favorable properties of two insulation types. There are numerous roof insulation products on the market, but this course is going to focus on stone wool and polyisocyanurate insulating roof boards, the performance properties of each, and how they can be used together for a more energy efficient and long-lasting system.

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High Performance Coating Systems for Metal Roofing (Print Course)

Metal roofs may not seem like the obvious choice when you are looking for a high performance roof. However, they offer many benefits that other “green” roofs can’t compete with. Not only are they aesthetically appealing, they are also energy efficient, made from recyclable material, and will likely be the last roof you will ever need to install. They are durable and can withstand the toughest of the elements, while also being resistant to cracking, shrinking, and many other problems traditional roofing materials struggle with. This article will look closer at the many benefits of selecting a metal roof with a solar reflective coating system for your next project.

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Fluid-Applied Roof Coatings - Substrates, Selection, and Application (Print Course)

Fluid-applied roof coatings can be applied as a new roof system on a new roof deck or in a maintenance situation as a re-roofing system over an existing deck. They have many benefits, but they are most commonly used to prolong the life of an existing roofing system and to achieve a reflective roof. This course will examine the different types of fluid-applied roof coatings, as well as their advantages, applications, surface preparation techniques, and reflective roofing requirements.

If you are looking for the course "Chemistry and the Building Process for Architects (Print Course)" please click here.

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Why Architects are Turning to a Maine Company for Winning ci Solutions

Polyiso claims the highest R-value in the thinnest profile of any (ci) wall sheathing product, meeting all ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC 2012 standards, outstanding fire performance with its inclusion within a multitude of NFPA 285 compliant wall assemblies - CFCs, HCFCs, and ODP.

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Hunter Xci Polyiso Fast Facts

Hunter XCI Polyiso is a foam board used as continuous insulation in exterior walls for both commercial and residential construction and the leading product of choice for commercial roofs.

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Breaking the Rules of Boring Roofs: New ideas take root up top (PRINT COURSE)

This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of ARCHITECT magazine.

Commercial roofs are often thought of a simple necessity and are hardly ever given an opportunity to be more than a functional part of the structure. However, with a little creative thinking, material selection, and thoughtful design, roofs can accomplish more than simply keeping out the rain.

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Cool Coatings for Metal Roofing

Cool roofs reduce the transfer of solar heat into a building and help the building reduce energy loads, the urban heat island effect and smog all while improving occupant comfort. Metal roofing is particularly suited for cool roofing designs because metal roofing will retain 90 percent or more of its original reflective properties over its service live.

This course will help you list the benefits and attributes of cool roofing; describe current specifications, codes, regulations and guidelines in the United States for cool roofing; and describe the research that validates the cool roof concept.

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Building Green with Metal Roofs and Walls

This course will explore in depth the concept of cool metal roofs and walls while explaining their relationship to current energy code and guideline compliance. The environmental benefits of metal roofs and walls will also be explained, including contributions to numerous LEED® points. Additional case studies of various cool metal roof materials will be presented to illustrate how they can help lower energy use in a building.

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Retrofit Re-Roofing with Metal Roof Systems

This course is an overview of re-roofing using metal roofing supported by an engineered framing or sub-framing system, also known as retrofit. The course will cover typical applications for metal roof and wall systems during the retrofitting process, identify building characteristics in which metal can resolve retrofitting issues of utility and design and explain the overall benefits of metal roof and wall systems for existing buildings, including energy savings.

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Metal Roofing: The Perfect Platform for Solar Technologies

A new metal roof installed over an existing roof, or a roof retrofit, provide the opportunity to add a photovoltaic (PV) system to a roof. This course will cover the basics of metal roofing and photovoltaics, as well as the synergy between solar technologies and metal roofing. Performance and environmental benefits, life cycle costs and retrofitting opportunities will be discussed. It’s important for a building owner to consider the roof and a PV system together as a single asset, rather than as separate components of a roof. With that approach, the total cost of ownership over the life of the asset can be assessed.

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