The Culture of Stone is Changing

Expand your design possibilities with architectural stone. Create memorable spaces from stone siding, brick veneer and other products which are believable, beautiful and easy to install.

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Why Believability Matters

It's no easy feat creating the most believable architectural stone veneer in the world. Spend a minute to see the real difference.

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Architectural Stone Veneer - Style and Substance (Print Course)

This article will address the benefits of specifying architectural stone veneer in your design projects, and also provide information on proper installation techniques. Topics include a breakdown of the innovative mold technology used by the industry’s leading manufacturers of architectural stone veneer and what to look for in a high quality product. The course will examine a variety of uses for architectural stone veneer, from interiors and exteriors, to residential, commercial and industrial settings. The course will also explain the proper installation techniques over the most common substrates and demonstrate the impact of multiple grout techniques available and how those change the appearance of stone work.


Believability Matters

Eldorado Stone demonstrates a passion for creating authentic products that not only elevate quality and design, but also attainability. Choose from stone siding, brick veneer, and other architectural stone products that are beautiful, believable, affordable and easy to install.

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The Eldorado Stone & Brick Product Selector

Too many choices, can’t decide? Narrow your search with Eldorado’s Product Selector. Answer some, or all, of the questions to help select the perfect stone or brick profile for your next project…it’s that easy!

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How to Install Stone Veneer, Interior Transformations

Experience how Eldorado Stone can transform your interior space with this "How to Install" video workshop. Explore the latest recommended installation techniques on how to install manufactured stone; including a detailed "Step by Step" process utilizing a cement board substrate and a polymer-fortified installation system.

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