PVC 101: The Benefits and Uses of Cellular PVC (Print Course)

This article will explore the performance properties of cellular PVC trim and its varied uses within the building industry. It will cover best practices for preparation and installation, as well as applications in markets ranging from residential construction to historic preservation. Finally, the article will explore the different green properties of cellular PVC, as well as two case studies.


Learn how to install one-piece PVC column wrap

Install VERSATEX - VERSAWRAP PVC One-piece column wraps in seven easy steps.

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Why use Versatex Trimboard?

Hear what contractors are saying about Versatex and how it has transformed the way they work.

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"For Your Home" and Versatex

Check out Versatex on the set of "For Your Home," building a beautiful porch in North Carolina.

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Trim Smarter: Managing Expansion/Contraction

Everything on the outside of a home moves over time. Wood trim shrinks and swells due to moisture. Versatex and other PVC trim expand and contract due to temperature.

Learn the key steps to securing joints properly to reduce the movement of the boards. Proper handling for expansion and contraction will ensure your trimboard looks beautiful for years to come.

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