LED "Easy Plug" System

All of i-lighting's LED "Easy Plug" systems simply plug together--there is no need for cutting, crimping, striping wire, or wire nutting. You get everything you need to do the job in half the time as standard systems, allowing you to profitably incorporate stair, post, landscape, and masonry lights into all of your projects.

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Vive Wireless Lighting Control

Simple, flexible and scalable lighting solutions from the convenience of any smart device. Lutron’s VIVE changes the rules of conventional lighting design, creating a wireless solution with enhanced functionality for centralized control, monitoring and system integration.

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New Ideas in LED Lighting (Print Course)

This learning unit will discuss the benefits of LED lighting when compared to other traditional bulb types and will provide a general overview of how new technologies allow for greater control of LED fixtures, light quality, and lumens. Architects will also learn how LED fixtures are including new options and benefits specifically intended to create unique and functional interior lighting designs. This learning unit will also explore the next generation of LED fixtures made possible by innovative contemporary designs, improved secondary optics, and wireless technology, and OLEDs. Finally, this learning unit will glimpse into the future, exploring developing technologies such as laser diodes and battery free sensors.

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Vive Solutions for Commercial Spaces Design Guide

Vive wireless solutions offer a multi-strategy approach that accommodates your budget and performance needs now, and for the future of your building.

This guide will review design, installation and maintenance, plus much more.

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