Recent changes in energy standards and codes, and federal and voluntary initiatives, are transforming the entire building landscape. In the past, a variety of different state and local codes have existed but there is now a trend towards increasing the standardization of even more stringent codes. Window and door systems require increasingly higher performance in order to achieve the new codes, standards and mandates.

Architects and engineers will need to identify and specify high-performance window systems that meet the new energy performance criteria. High-performance windows and doors with compression-seal technology deliver solutions for energy, noise, security, blast, comfort and other challenges.

Learning Objectives

  • State the definition of compression-seal technology as applied to high-performance window and door systems
  • Explain how a compression seal works and list the product configurations using compression-seal technology
  • Explain the performance benefits of compression-seal technology for windows and doors
  • Know the requirements for noise and sound abatement
  • Recognize the best applications of compression-seal technology