How Vinyl Window & Door Products Meet the Unique Goals of Multifamily Housing Projects

This course will explore the benefits of using vinyl window products to meet the unique goals of multifamily housing. It will also provide guidelines to help architects specify vinyl window systems that best meet a project’s performance, aesthetic needs, and budget criteria while benefiting the owners, occupants, and the environment.


Using the 7 Principles of Universal Design for Specifying Windows and Glass Doors

This course examines the difference between universal design and accessibility required by law, and lists the types of people of varied abilities who benefit from universal design, particularly as it applies to homes. We then take a look at the 7 Principles of Universal Design, as developed by the North Carolina State University’s College of Design, and explore examples of each, from windows set low enough to offer views to a person in a wheelchair, to sliding doors that open with a touch to accommodate those with arthritis or other challenges. Finally, we look at the business side of universal design and discussing the principles with clients.


Daylighting Inside and Out: Unconventional Ways to Bring More Natural Light Into and Throughout a Building

Exposure to natural light is beneficial for building occupants on many levels. We all know it intuitively and we feel better in interior spaces with natural light. Plus, studies conclusively demonstrate measurable benefits for health, moods, learning, and productivity.
The time-honored method for allowing natural light into a building is, of course, through windows. However, there are many more strategies for bringing natural light into and throughout a building. This course explores the sometimes-overlooked strategies for the flow of natural light into and throughout a building, including light tubes in closets, French doors in interiors, natural-light-flooded stairwells, sliding glass walls, and more.


Energy Calculator

The Milgard Energy Calculator provides a quick and easy way to help you select windows and doors that can meet local energy codes and project requirements.

The tool gives you the flexibility to select the required ENERGY STAR® zone, u-factor, SHGC or VT, and determine which Milgard window and door products meet the selected requirements.

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The New Essence Series® Patio Doors

Jeff Cain speaks from the 2015 PCBC show on the features and benefits of the Essence Series® Patio Door, focusing on the beauty of the door and its smooth quiet operation during the demonstration.

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Acing the Energy Code Quiz: What's coming and how you should plan for it

Looking for a crystal ball to forecast what impacts upcoming energy codes will have on your home and business? Welcome to Acing the Energy Code Quiz, where we peek behind the curtain on changes to the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) 2015 and predict what we may see next. We'll explore the new Energy Rating Index, alterations to testing protocols, and adjusted requirements that enhance energy efficiency in the building envelope and mechanicals.

Speaker Bio:

Amanda Voss, MPP, is an author, editor, and policy analyst in Denver, Colorado. She has served on the board of Energy Literacy Advocates, spent six years in residential construction, and has taught AIA classes on fenestration. Amanda earned her Masters In Public Policy from the University of Denver after finishing undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Pre-Law at Taylor University.

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Milgard: Fifty Years of Innovation in Windows and Door Manufacturing

A quick glance at why Milgard is an award-winning manufacturer of windows and doors. Milgard's expansive portfolio of unique, valued solutions meet the needs of contractors and homeowners alike.

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Clearly the Best

Milgard has been manufacturing fiberglass windows and doors for over 20 years and our experience shows. Our products are the ultimate choice for new construction and remodeling projects. These extremely durable, carefree windows help make homes more comfortable and energy efficient, and can be painted like traditional wood windows. With Milgard windows you get a dimensionally stable finished product that makes it easy for us to stand behind our Full Lifetime Warranty.

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Sustainable Design for Windows

It has become very important for architects to understand how to choose a sustainable window and window frame system that will promote comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and longevity through quality construction. Learn more about Sustainable Design for Windows and how choosing an ENERGY STAR® rated window can contribute towards LEED for Homes credit.