Stain Resistant and Waterproof: Benefits of Sustainable Plastic Ceiling Tiles

Plastic ceiling tiles conquer moisture challenges in buildings and are designed for the health care, restaurant and hospitality markets or any facility with drop ceiling tiles. Plastic ceiling tiles are waterproof, mold resistant and can provide numerous sustainable design benefits.

This course reviews the history of dropped ceilings, dangers of moisture intrusion and mold growth in buildings, and benefits of choosing materials that meet these challenges.


Understanding the Benefits of Non-Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Wall Panels

Traditional fiberglass reinforced plastic wall panels (FRP’s) have been used since the 1960’s as interior wall and ceiling panels. A newer product, non-fiberglass reinforced plastic wall panels, improves on the benefits of FRP’s such as mold, bacteria, moisture, chemical and stain resistance, and is also a sustainable product with fewer health hazards.

This course will compare the two products, as well as describe the importance of using non-fiberglass reinforced plastic wall panels to mitigate moisture issues. The course will also cover appropriate applications for the material.