AMP - The Distributor Solution

A Program designed exclusively to empower “The Distributor".
AMP produces amplified levels of loyalty and profit, with one easy-to-use central portal for managing all of your programs.

Learn how AMP provides all the incentive input you need to generate powerful results.

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No Lead Left Behind

In this guide learn how to launch an effective on-line sales program and what you need to do to get the results you want.

No more leaving prospects behind because everyone gets a personal touch.

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Hardy Geranium Testimonial

The owner of the Hardy Geranium had not had luck in the past with web-sites. In this video she talks about her great experience with Townsquare and how they exceeded her expectations.

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Tanza Granite's Success Story

Tanza Granite, like most businesses, has one goal. To grow sales. After years of using traditional advertising and an outdated website, they decided it was time to focus on digital marketing. The results are impressive!

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Helping Your Business Do More Business

Build your on-line presence and begin building your business!
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