Repurposing Space Through Off-Site Package Management

On-site package lockers and smart rooms were designed to take package management off the plates of property teams, however e-commerce has become too large for this to be possible. This paper addresses taking the job off site and profitable uses for the spaces previously used for this function.

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RBA Architects Case Study

TestFit allows users to solve site plans faster, validate assumptions in real-time, and eliminate wasted opportunity costs. This case study shows real life examples of how it has been used to win multifamily bids and ensure maximum efficiency.

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Peace of Mind

See why Royal Building Products can offer double lifetime coverage and a fade warranty that will give you and your clients peace of mind.

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No Sign of Waning, Record-Setting Volume of Packages Benefit from Smart Solutions

The surge in the volume of packages delivered during the past year is no secret, and there's no sign of shipments slowing down. For multifamily properties, managing packages has brought challenges beyond security, organization, and processing time. With a freestanding automated smart system, package management frustrations are significantly reduced. With the added flexibility to update the configuration if package needs change ensures that the solution can ebb and flow with the needs of the community.

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Solve the Tsunami of Packages While Impacting Renter Satisfaction

Over the last year the trend of increasing package deliveries has exceeded the past 20 years of annual ecommerce growth. Making the issue more critical, renters are now reporting dissatisfaction in how properties are managing the influx of packages. A secure, integrated package management solution can help solve renters' top concerns and reclaim the lost staff time that's been devoted to managing the daily onslaught of packages.

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MFE PropTech Video

This pre-recorded video presentation addresses the hot button topics surrounding broadband in the multifamily environment. Listen to what the experts have to say about the impact of connected devices on a network, value, differentiators, ROI and the future of connectivity.

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Built for You

Build your brand. Save time. Increase profit. Sell your vision. Learn how Houzz Pro gives those in the construction industry the right tools for their unique business needs.

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Choosing a Package Solution

Increased package volume and oversized deliveries have become common in multifamily developments. Learn how off-site package management removes this burden from you and your staff.

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Exploring Your Build-For-Rent Vision

The Single-Family Rental space is estimated at $3.4 trillion. An increasing number of investors are expanding their portfolio to include this asset type as the demand for these rentals continues to increase. Read how this growing market is presenting new opportunities for builders and developers.

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Accelerate your business with Houzz Pro

Houzz Pro gives those in the construction and design fields the tools for their unique business needs. Hear how easy it was for this small business owner to capitalize on these new tools for his trade.

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