Top Daylighting: A Circadian Health and Wellness Perspective

This course illustrates how top daylighting (daylight penetration through the roof) design strategies produce positive biological responses affecting employee health and well-being. Learners will examine how exposure to “skydome dynamic daylight” throughout the workday provides all biologically relevant criteria for positive circadian system impact.

This course will help identify new ways of informing stakeholders of the payback analysis for top daylighting strategies when examined through the filter of employee health.


Conservatories as Adaptable Environments (Print Course)

Conservatories are more than add-on glass structures for the home or stand-alones for parks and gardens. This CEU addresses the numerous benefits of creating custom conservatory environments which save energy and maximize space and enjoyment for all users.

The course also helps architects and builders understand how to select a vendor and specify a structure based on an array of factors including client needs, climate, and functional requirements.


Polycarbonate Sheet Products for High Performance Architectural Glazing (Print Course)

This course will cover the use of polycarbonate sheet products for architectural glazing systems, including how to analyze a building’s needs and choose the correct glazing material to enhance the building envelope.

Test methods and standards for polycarbonate glazing will be discussed, as will key applications and specifications.


Polycarbonate Roofing and Glazing Highlights

Lightweight, impact resistant and easily moldable, plastic polycarbonate is an extremely versatile and effective building material. As a highly viable alternative to glass, the material is long lasting and exceptionally durable at less than half the weight of glass. This learning unit outlines the advantages of polycarbonate construction applications, outlining the benefits offered through solar performance, durability as well as thermal and acoustic performance of polycarbonate rooftop systems.


Understanding Window, Door and Skylight Certification

This course will outline window, door and skylight standards and building code requirements and how certifications can help architects, remodelers, and specifiers deliver work of the highest caliber.


Benefits of Daylight and Fresh Air in Residential Design

Indoor climate combines all the elements of temperature, humidity, lighting, air quality and ventilation in residential buildings. Most of these elements relate to the health and comfort of building occupants. Moisture intrusion in a wall system can cause numerous building defects as well as health ailments for building occupants.

This course will review the cause and effects of moisture intrusion and discuss how fiber cement panels can be used as a rainscreen to mitigate moisture. We will identify different rainscreen technologies and ASTM and AAMA testing standards that measure their performance.


Introduction to Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs)

Daylighting has become one of the fastest growing green building strategies in the last few years due to its simple application, significant cost savings and its ability to create healthy, enjoyable work and living spaces. This course is designed to give an overview of how to achieve sustainable design goals with tubular daylighting devices.