The Neurobiology of Biophilia & Spatial Cognition

This On Demand CEU is a recorded presentation from a previously live webinar event. This course explores the neurobiology behind Biophilia’s most healing attribute: a visual connection to nature, which also happens to be the feature with the most robust peer-reviewed research backing its therapeutic qualities. We learn about the connection between the immune system and sensory processing, as well as how environmental features precipitate a neural chemistry that modulates our attraction/aversion to the built environment.

The course unveils the healing potential of indoor sky illusions and how cognitive mechanisms map out our body’s location in relation to our immediate surroundings, as well as to perceived connections to nature. This understanding of how distinct areas of the brain assemble our embodied sense of place provide valuable insights in the design of enclosed interiors for human wellness.


Unitizing Structural Skylights: An Evolution in Daylighting

This course will focus on the use of unitized skylights to enhance the well-being of the occupants within the build environment. The course will look at how skylights are incorporated and considerations that impact their use. In addition, the course will analyze how skylights can provide superior performance standards, meet fire testing requirements, enhance energy efficiency and provide creative solutions for the built environment. In addition, various applications and case studies will be described to help learners understand how the use of skylights impacted the health and wellness of the occupants.


Introduction to Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs)

Daylighting has become one of the fastest growing green building strategies in the last few years due to its simple application, significant cost savings and its ability to create healthy, enjoyable work and living spaces. This course is designed to give an overview of how to achieve sustainable design goals with tubular daylighting devices.