2019 U.S. Road Conditions Map

Roads are vital to life: work, recreation, commerce/shipping of goods and services, safety, aesthetics for communities. They are also in need of maintenance beginning the first year after placement for the remainder of its life. Drivers want a good road, and bad roads cost drivers money. So what can be done? More crack sealing. Crack sealing is the lowest cost with highest benefit surface treatment to preserve roads.

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Field Report: Caltrans Mountain Pass, CA

The road is a heavily travelled two lane highway. The roads in endure temperatures that range widely. Read about this project to treat potholes on Highway 15 - and it's results.

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HP Concrete Cold Patchâ„¢

Repair wide cracks, potholes, and other voids quickly and completely. HP Concrete Cold Patchâ„¢ offers a gray-colored solution for both sides of the pavement universe in repairs to either oxidized asphalt or concrete surfaces. The combination of construction-grade aggregate and proprietary polymer-modified resin base delivers multiple benefits. Get a versatile pavement repair that looks great and performs even better.

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