The State of Construction Technology

Guest panelist Harry Bell, CEO at ICM of America, joins GeoMax regional sales managers to discuss the current state of the construction industry amid the global pandemic, and how GeoMax plays a role in the industry's future.

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X-PAD 365 - One Platform, Endless Services

Pressure to deliver excellent results, on time and within budget, is a reality for every surveying and construction professional. This web-based cloud platform will help you manage your data and assets anytime, anywhere - collaborating on projects in real-time and much more.

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How to Maximize Your Staffing and Training Results: An Executive Guide

The fact that the property management industry has changed in recent times is clear, but the ways in which organizations have responded to the evolution vary widely. One of the industry's biggest challenges is finding the right employees with the right skill set. This paper will cover actionable advice on how leaders in the property management industry attract the best talent and build a strong team through a 3-tiered approach of people, processes, and tools.

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The 2021 Access Control Field Guide:
A door-by-door guide to securing your entire property.

Within the next three years, 54% of businesses are expected to upgrade to a more sophisticated access control system. But choosing the most functional and cost-effective solution takes more than simply selecting smart locks — it takes a holistic, detailed approach that considers all the ins and outs of a single property, from residential doors to common areas, garages, and even elevators.

RemoteLock's access control field guide provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to help any business of any size get started with access control, choose the most effective locking solution for each and every door, and regularly manage the entire system with access control software.

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The 5Ws of Tracking Productivity—and How to Start

There are many ways lumber and building materials (LBM) dealer businesses can improve productivity, but before you implement a new process you have to know where to start. This article covers the who, what, where, when and why of tracking productivity in your business, along with how you can measure this in your current operation. This article goes beyond tactics you’ve already put into place and helps you identify areas where you can mine data to uncover areas of opportunity.

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Strong Start Points to Record Construction Year

New field software breakthroughs with the use of laser technology. Learn how technology can help your business with measurements, layout speed and performance on future projects.

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How to Improve Communication During Custom Projects

Better communication, happier clients, more business. Throughout a project, communication is key. Whether it’s with clients, crews or subcontractors, communication has an impact on your day-to-day processes. Without an organized process for communication, you could be missing opportunities to satisfy your clients or come in under budget and on time. This guide includes tips and best practices for effective communication with everyone involved.

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eCommerce Solutions — How Do LBM Businesses Decide?

There’s no question eCommerce has changed the commercial landscape. The real question is how does the changing landscape fit into your LBM business strategy? Is eCommerce a core capability you need to survive, or does it play a more supportive role while services differentiate your business from others? Whichever way you head, you’ll need a smooth flow from your customers’ expectations to your business process.

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Kitchen Design Pros Fast Facts

Kitchen Design Pros will give you the resources to stand out from the competition and will simplify the process of kitchen design and remodeling.

Here's your competitive edge.

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Unit Turnover Optimization and Solutions Report

Unit turnovers are recurring and costly. Learn how to avoid the key issues that cause time-delays and increased costs in the make-ready process.

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