The Effects of Building Movement on Interior Finishes and Solutions (print course)

Building components, especially finishes, have to contend with many structural and environmental factors such as different types of loads that cause movement in the building. Special care must be taken when multiple materials come into contact with one another or where joints, edges, or corners are formed. Using new construction technology and products that absorb or resist movement will maximize the longevity of systems and finishes. This course will cover the types of loads and movement that may occur in a building, how they will affect interior finishes, and solutions for preventing damage to building components from movement.


Revealing Interior Details in Drywall

Vinyl drywall accessories are flexible and durable, and will not rust, kink or dent. They are also cost-effective. The properties of rigid vinyl allow reveals to form around curved walls with the additional benefits of built-in expansion. Trim-Tex Architectural Reveals Beads are available in a wide variety of widths and depths for any project.

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How to Drywall Shower/Bath Enclosures Faster

Shower Bead replaces paper tape, which can be a food source for mold around shower/bath enclosures. Extra long 2ΒΌ" mud leg spans gap between drywall and flange, uses less mud than filling the gap. Features a tear away strip that protects the shower/tub flange from mud, leaving a clean crisp finished edge with no mess. Watch Video.

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Expansion Control Joint Solutions

Trim-Tex offers several solutions for cracking that can occur in control joints. 093V, Fire Rated 093V, and Hideaway Expansion Beads all provide 3/8" of protection for horizontal movement against the stresses of expansion and contraction, and feature tear off strips to protect the center from mud to provide a clean finish. Watch Video.

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