5 Critical Take-Aways from the 2020 BUILDER Concept Home

Hear Sekisui House, Ltd., Marketing General Manager Norio Adachi on what bringing Chōwa to the United States market means to Sekisui House, its leaders, its partners, and its worldwide team of associates.

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The Empire Building Renovation

One of the main requirements for doing this project included making sure the building exterior was restored to be what it was before. Special attention needed to be paid to the historical details and accouterments not just in the windows, but also surrounding the windows and how it integrates into the structure to preserve the historical context.

Watch the restored structure come back to life!

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Building More Than Houses

Industry demands are always changing and evolving from trend to trend, style to style. We focus on grabbing a hold of what's true and lasting and what's going to be needed and what is timeless.

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