Repurposing Space Through Off-Site Package Management

On-site package lockers and smart rooms were designed to take package management off the plates of property teams, however e-commerce has become too large for this to be possible. This paper addresses taking the job off site and profitable uses for the spaces previously used for this function.

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RBA Architects Case Study

TestFit allows users to solve site plans faster, validate assumptions in real-time, and eliminate wasted opportunity costs. This case study shows real life examples of how it has been used to win multifamily bids and ensure maximum efficiency.

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Built for You

Build your brand. Save time. Increase profit. Sell your vision. Learn how Houzz Pro gives those in the construction industry the right tools for their unique business needs.

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18 Ways to Increase Density in Multifamily Housing

The goal of maximizing net rentability becomes easier when the building variables are thoroughly understood. This guide lays out the pros and cons of design changes that will improve the density of your site as well as the impact on your NRSF, Capex, Efficiency and Risk metrics.

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Unit Turnover Optimization and Solutions Report

Unit turnovers are recurring and costly. Learn how to avoid the key issues that cause time-delays and increased costs in the make-ready process.

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2020 Apartment Market Update

After a decade of expansion in the U.S. apartment market, can performance momentum be sustained? Hear what multi-family housing experts Greg Willett and Adam Couch have to say about 2020.

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Space Planning for a New Generation: Using BIM Software to Understand and Accommodate the Millennial Market (Print Course)

The way that people live is evolving, and it is important that AEC industry professionals are able to adjust their designs to better serve a new generation.

This course will help designers cater to a younger generation that is interested in maximizing smaller spaces, bringing elements of nature into urban settings, and communicating with technology.


Don't Sacrifice Rent Growth During a Softening Market

The objective for your multi-family properties should not only be to fill vacancies, but also to get the highest rent possible in your marketplace. This eBook shows strategies on how to do that and also provides case studies of what worked for three top performing companies. Learn how to get the highest returns in any market condition.

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Stay Ahead of the Multifamily Housing Compliance Curve

Noncompliance with the ADA, Fair Housing accessibility laws, and others all carry stiff financial penalties, civil fines and more. No matter what type of multifamily property you own or operate, this presentation takes you through the complex landscape of regulations only an expert would be able to keep up with.

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7 Secrets to Cut Fleet Costs

Great public service is possible when you reduce fuel usage and improve productivity leading to quicker response times. Reveal 7 easy fixes that will help you to meet your organization’s needs and goals.

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