Why use Versatex Trimboard?

Hear what contractors are saying about Versatex and how it has transformed the way they work.

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"For Your Home" and Versatex

Check out Versatex on the set of "For Your Home," building a beautiful porch in North Carolina.

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Trim Smarter: Managing Expansion/Contraction

Everything on the outside of a home moves over time. Wood trim shrinks and swells due to moisture. Versatex and other PVC trim expand and contract due to temperature.

Learn the key steps to securing joints properly to reduce the movement of the boards. Proper handling for expansion and contraction will ensure your trimboard looks beautiful for years to come.

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Modern and Contemporary Aesthetics Achieved with Extruded Aluminum Trim Systems

This course provides an overview of the elements and principles of design, specifically the ways in which modern and contemporary design interpret those tenets and principles.

Variations on modernist and contemporary design in the US Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast are also considered. Finally, the learner will be able to identify the role of extruded aluminum trim in various regions and climates, as well as its functional and aesthetic values.


Kleer Trimboard Brochure

The look of wood & the ease of low-maintenance, affordable & sustainable alternatives to wood trim and wood exterior products without compromising beauty of function.

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Kleer Wrap Brochure

Kleer wrap post wraps provide an easy, cost effective way to improve the appearance and durability of exterior posts.

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Kleer Installation Instructions

Kleer Installation Guidelines are suggested techniques to be used when installing Kleer PVC products under typical conditions.

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