Vector Graphics In Architectural Laminated Glass (Print Course)

Photography and other digital images are increasingly popular choices for incorporating design elements into indoor and outdoor laminated glass features. This course explores vector graphics in detail, examines their use in laminated glass, and describes the new technologies and tools designers can use to create vector designs from a wider array of images and in large-scale applications. Project samples are included.


Conservatories as Adaptable Environments (Print Course)

Conservatories are more than add-on glass structures for the home or stand-alones for parks and gardens. This CEU addresses the numerous benefits of creating custom conservatory environments which save energy and maximize space and enjoyment for all users.

The course also helps architects and builders understand how to select a vendor and specify a structure based on an array of factors including client needs, climate, and functional requirements.


Selecting Materials for Outdoor Applications: Choice of Materials - and Product Suppliers - Matters on Many Levels (Print Course)

Selecting materials and finishes is an integral part of specifying site furniture products. This course reviews typical conditions inherent to outdoor environments, along with the potential impact on materials, products and installed projects. A range of materials commonly used outdoors, including wood, metal, concrete and glass, is examined against a selection framework that compares conventional materials with high-performance options, and considers material durability, performance, aesthetics, and environmental impact. Several site furniture projects are also examined.