Material selection is one of the most important choices you will make to the overall outcome of your construction projects. Understanding how different material options impact your bottom line leads to better informed decision-making. This course highlights the advantages that durable, non-combustible, low-maintenance materials and finishes bring to your projects, why architectural and decorative concrete is the smart choice for buildings and floors, and why concrete is a sustainable option.

Learning Objectives

  • List advantages of concrete that deliver value in building construction and explain the sustainable attributes of concrete vs. other building materials
  • State key differences between gray and white cements and the advantages of using white cement with pigments
  • Identify the two primary types of finishes available for concrete floors; important steps to take to achieve the look you want while reducing the overall environmental impact of your project
  • Call-out key best practices for producing architectural concrete, whether batched onsite or at the local ready mix concrete producer
  • Discuss where special placement options such as shotcrete or tilt-up concrete can be your best construction choice

Pre-Requisite: None