The new pilot credit developed by the LEED indoor air assessment working group offers a holistic tiered indoor air assessment approach to help buildings achieve complex goals of indoor air performance in a streamlined manner. Building project teams can earn upto nine points total via implementation of this pilot credit.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the new extensive LEED pilot credit (Performance-based indoor air assessment in existing buildings) in LEED v4 O&M rating system against all current LEED v4 credits related to indoor air quality.
  • Identify common issues with measuring and monitoring contaminants in indoor and outdoor air and the methods/technologies currently available to do these.
  • Understand the intent and requirements of the Performance-based indoor air assessment pilot credit and the closely related indoor air quality procedure pilot alternative compliance path and when to apply each for LEED v4 O&M rating system and BD&C rating system respectively.
  • Understand how the existing minimum indoor air quality prerequisite in LEED v4 BD+C may not give a full picture of the indoor air quality and performance.