What will carbon neutral buildings look like with the future of shifting weather patterns? Designers use energy modeling tools to create sustainable building structures.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the top contributing factors when designing a commercial building to achieve net-zero carbon or Passive House, such as building height, shape, floor plate depth, HVAC type etc.
  • Use an integrated and parametric approach to optimize all the above-stated variables for energy performance and operational life cycle while maintaining adequate daylight levels according to LEED v4 EQ Credit: Daylight.
  • Understand trade-off’s between different variables and their impacts on both performance as well as the life cycle of the building while meeting the LEED v4 BD+ C MR Credit: Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction.
  • Compare the annual energy use of the options to LEED v4 BD+C (NC) EA Credit: Optimize Energy Performance.