From LEED v4 and beyond, to the first LEED-certified city, the green building movement has experienced several landmark moments in a short amount of time. This session will provide a behind-the-scenes look at how we are continuing to push for market transformation and what that looks like in today’s data driven society. Learn about the latest in USGBC technical development and program offerings by exploring updates to LEED, the new Arc performance platform and other solutions that enhance the resiliency, sustainability and health of the built environment across all building scales.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how current market trends are shaping the development of LEED and the tools that will support that evolution and show how it is used in projects.
  • Outline the relationships between LEED and the other rating systems supported by GBCI.
  • Understand the role and importance of data to the future of the built environment and how it can be applied to projects.
  • Describe the future vision for the green building movement and how the Arc platform innovations guide action now and in the future and how they directly relate to projects and the end user's welfare.