Increasingly, building professionals are tasked with specifying water and ice dispensing machines in workplaces, break rooms, and other venues for both the convenience and health of the end user.

This course explains ice usage in different venues, types of ice, types of machines, ice transportation considerations, and the technical considerations for specifying ice machines.

In addition, building professionals must understand the environmental aspects of water and ice dispensing machines to ensure compliance for occupant use. A design professional can lead the client toward the best choice for the venue and the health and convenience of end users.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the history of ice from early to modern times and the impact that modern usage has on improving workplace wellness.
  • Identify ice applications and considerations for different venues.
  • Define various types of ice and ice machine technology and the applications they are used in.
  • Examine types of sanitation and environmental considerations with ice and water dispensers including applicable water and energy efficiency programs.

Prerequisite: None