As an expert on green buildings, you are probably handling large volumes of sensitive data on green buildings & sustainable infrastructure. Some of this data may include sensitive information such as company financials, employee health statistics and building design details to aggregated and non-sensitive information such as, internal energy usage patterns and performance metrics.

What is the route that this data takes? Are there any laws which prevent its sharing? Does this data need to be destroyed at some point? Can this data be published in academic writings or industry reports of the recipient? Is the “processed data” liable to be treated differently?

This course discusses data security needs & challenges across sectors and international boundaries.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the different sources and kinds of data that is being shared in the "Green Building" industry.
  • Describe the key differences in regulatory mechanisms between the US, EU and other major jurisdictions.
  • Apply safeguards to regulatory exposure in their business practices.
  • Discuss ways learners can prepare themselves for issues surrounding data privacy on the horizon.

Pre-requisite: An understanding of building data.