The under-representation of many ethnic groups in architecture translates not only to inequities within the profession, but also to missed opportunities in business. Leveraging the benefits of a diverse workforce requires a culture of inclusion and equity, one that values differences among people and ensures a culture of fairness.

This article explores the barriers that people of color face in entering the design profession, the organizations working to mitigate several of these barriers, and internal firm initiatives to create a more equitable work environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the current demographics of architecture and the opportunities and benefits realized through diversity initiatives.
  • Identify and investigate the barriers to entry that students of color face in entering the design profession.
  • Describe organizations and initiatives that are seeking to make architecture more diverse and inclusive.
  • Identify proactive and internal efforts by firms to address minority under-representation in the workforce.

Pre-Requisite: Basic understanding of diversity needs in the architectural workspace.