Energy efficiency and sustainability have multiple benefits for commercial building occupants. Now, many forward-thinking corporations are employing sustainability tactics and focusing real estate strategy to attract and retain top talent, minimize operating expenses, and drive occupant comfort, health, and productivity. New technologies, a rapidly developing business case, and increasing research are making it easier for more organizations, across sectors, to leverage sustainability to capitalize on the same trends that are rapidly becoming the norm in top-of-the-market, class-A real estate. However, as tenants progress from site selection to occupancy, it becomes increasingly difficult to invest in sustainability. Tenants and landlords should collaborate early to maximize sustainability throughout the life of the tenant-landlord relationship.

In 2015, Congress passed the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act, which directed several federal agencies, including EPA and DOE to identify and employ appropriate strategies to incentivize and engage commercial landlords and tenants to collaborate towards energy efficiency. This panel will discuss the opportunities that legislation will create for tenants and corporate occupiers to leverage energy efficiency and sustainability to meet corporate social responsibility goals and earn public recognition for their success. Panelists will also introduce a variety of tools and resources that are currently available to the market.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the ENERGY STAR recognition for design and construction of efficient tenant spaces and identify available resources to help tenants reduce operating costs and provide energy-efficient space for occupants.
  • Identify potential strategies to improve energy efficiency and encourage the implementation of high-performance energy efficiency measures in tenant spaces from DOE initiatives.
  • Understand a new tool from ULI that helps tenants identify and implement energy efficient options for tenant build outs.
  • Review case studies from organizations that have successfully participated in partnership programs to increase energy efficiency in leased space.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Energy Efficiency Improvement Act.