Insulated metal panels are a single-component solution to effectively seal the building envelope. IMPs can function in all climate zones and achieve the goals of a perfect or universal wall. They are manufactured as a single-component solution to prevent water, air, and vapor intrusion and effectively manage heat flow between control layers and the interior and exterior of a building. IMPs also act as a continuous insulation in an energy-efficient building assembly. This course will describe how IMPs control water, air, vapor, and heat transfer and their role in continuous insulation, as well as how they fit into a perfect wall assembly.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the relationship between the building science concepts of air, water, vapor, and thermal management and how insulated metal panels perform these functions through a single component.
  • Learn the building science properties behind the “perfect” (universal) wall from a performance standpoint.
  • Describe elements of the “perfect” (universal) roof and how insulated metal panels can be used in continuous roof assemblies.
  • Explore best practices for sealing the insulated metal panel envelope in a variety of applications.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of insulated metal panels.