Post-consumer plastic water bottles, bags, and detergent containers - once slated for overburdened landfills - are instead being recycled into polymer decking, trim and patio materials. By understanding the life cycle assessments (LCAs), sustainable materials management (SMM), and sustainable manufacturing processes, architects, designers and builders will be better equipped to specify sustainable decking materials that are durable and meet a variety of aesthetic needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze how the terms, sustainability and “green building,” have impacted building design over the recent years.
  • Examine how synthetic materials, such as polymer decking materials, often outlast traditional materials, such as wood, to promote sustainable building design.
  • Assess opportunities where specifying synthetic material creates a sustainable, aesthetically-pleasing, and beautiful outdoor space for occupants.
  • Explore the future of the polymer and capped composite decking through a case study of one decking manufacturer’s mission for sustainability.

Pre-requisite: None.